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Marcel janco

Marcel Janco (1984-1895) was an Israeli artist and theoretician. He was one of the leading artists of the "Dada" movement in Europe, and one of the founders of the artists' village of Ein Hod, where the Janco Dada Museum is now located. Born in Romania, Janco studied piano as a child and later, as a young adult, studied architecture. At the beginning of his artistic career his works were created in an “Ars Nouveau” style. Later he became dedicated to Dadaism. Janco was considered one of the leaders of constructivism in Eastern Europe. He was a member of the Romanian newspaper "Simbolul" and was also an editor of the "Contimporanul" which was the Romanian avant-garde movement’s magazine. In Israel, Janco was considered a most productive artist and a prominent figure in the local art scene, affiliated with "New Horizons" artists' group. He was awarded the Dizengoff Prize twice (1945, 1950) and also won the Israel Prize for painting (1967).

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